Early Interceptive Treatment

Dr. Kosiorek and his staff work with one goal in mind, to always exceed your expectations. We offer conventional braces and Early Interceptive treatment, which often prevents more extensive Orthodontic correction later. We work with the unique qualities of each patient to create a beautiful face, as well as a beautiful smile. You'll find our office friendly, comfortable and fun.
Nothing is more precious than a smile of a young child. That is why Dr. Kosiorek and The American Association of Orthodontists recommend that children have their first checkup by age seven. As children grow the interaction of teeth, jaws and muscles help shape their young faces; this is why it is so important to guide their development along the way. Dr. Kosiorek's goal is to catch potential problems in their early stages and then guide the growth and development. Appropriate early interceptive care often makes the second phase of treatment, during the teen years, easier and more comfortable for the patient. If you suspect a problem with your child's bite, please schedule an appointment. Your child's smile is our number one concern. We want to help achieve that natural beautiful smile that will last a lifetime!